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Danxiashan Geopark

Danxiashan Geopark is located in Guangdong Province, P. R. China. The world-wide landforms formed by red terrestrial sandstone and conglomerate and characterized by red rock walls and cliffs are all known as Danxia landform, and Danxia Mountain is the very location where this special landform was named. 

Danxia Mountain is situated in an intermountain basin in the south of the Nanling mountain range. The whole mountain has red-bed peak forest type of structure with 380 (big or small) rock peaks, rock forts, rock walls and rock stacks. Its main peak is 618m above the sea level, and most of the rests stand between 300-400m. They are different in height and shape, and show all-encapsulating scene of sublimity. Danxia Mountain is formed by red sandstone and conglomerate and characterized by red cock walls and cliffs. It is named for Danxia (means red rosy clouds) because it appears like multi-layer red rosy clouds. Danxia Mountain is also called China’s "Red Stone Park", and has been the first peculiar mountain in Nanling mountain range since ancient times. The pieces of rock on Danxia Mountain look like man, animal or bird, etc., which seem to be some masterpieces created by sculptors, but none of them is not arrived from the uncanny workmanship of the nature.

in Cenozoic. Its history covers 3 phase of a complete cycle: geosyncline, platform and platform mobilization (geodepression). The materials that form Danxia landform were basically formed in 70-90Ma Cretaceous red fluviolacustrine sandstone and conglomerate. Before about 65Ma, the area was influenced by a tectonic movement, and many faults and joins were formed, allowing the whole Danxia basin to become an erosion area. The Himalayan movement started at about 23Ma ago resulted in rapid uplift of the area. During the long years, intermittent uplift movements lead to an earth-shaking change in the area, and these geological processes have changed the area into a very beautiful landscape.

In addition to too many beautiful tourist spots for the eye to behold, there exist perfect ecological environment, widespread ecological communities, famous trees and wild animals on the peaks and in the valleys.

Danxia Mountain has a long development history with plentiful scenses and sights of cultural interest. Our ancestors used to live near Danxia Mountain long ago, and there are skull fossils of famous Maba Man in the southwest of Danxia basin, which are important clues for studying the early human. At the same time, cultural relics of the ancient people lived 6,000 years ago in Meolithic Age remained in Shixia Cultural Relic in Shizi Cliff. The catfish fossil unearthed from a relic of Neolithic Age in the southeast shows that about 5,000 years ago the evolution level of the is similar to that of the Central Plains. Since ancient times, many fantastic stories and popular legends, such as Nuwa (a goddess in Chinese mythology) patches the sky with multihued stone, have been spread widely, which not only are historical stories, but also have exerted influence on the local culture and history. All these have a strong appeal to numerous tourist both at home and abroad, and many of them have come to visit here successively.

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