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Araripe Geopark

The concept of Geopark Araripe is based on the establishment of a network of 09 geosites of historic, geologic, paleontological value which have unique, singular characteristics and that deserve attention for full protection, because of their peculiarities. It allows the visitor to a comprehensive understanding of the origin, evolution and current structure of Chapada do Araripe.

Geopark Araripe is located in soul of the State of Ceará, in the portion of Sedimentary Ceará Araripe Basin and covers 06 cities in the region of Cariri. It has an area of about 3.520,52 km2 and corresponds to the local context of the cities of Crato, Juazeiro do Norte, Barbalha, Missão Velha, Nova Olinda e Santana do Cariri.

Its role is beyond the protection and preservation of geologic, paleontological, anthropologic, environmental, landscape and cultural enrollment. The exploratory visits originated from this action and infrastructure of support still in consolidation provide a natural process and desirable of social inclusion, where the participation of society is a important pillar for the full operation of Geopark Araripe.

In a general manner we can synthesize as general characteristics of Geopark Araripe:
Protect and preserve legally the main selected sites, named scientifically as Geosites, true educative “windows” of the history of evolution of the planet and life;
Provide for the local population and visitors further opportunities to know and understand both scientific contexts selected from various geological eras components of the Cretaceous Period, as other existing regional contexts, as environmental ecotourism in FLONA (Floresta Nacional do Araripe);
Make possible contact with archeological records, own to the ancestral population of the region and characteristics of own culture impressive until nowadays.
Intensify relation with a whole spectrum of activities – scientific, cultural, touristic and economic, with emphasis on the evolutionary history of Earth and Life, and the environmental and nature sciences, humanities and culture;
Validate the relations among aspects of the history of the occupation of the territory, regional culture and its events and the ways of ownership the natural resources of the region.

Worth mentioning that Geopark Araripe will be soon enlarged, ordering to incorporate and promote the areas which show important archeological records, as cave painting, ceramic materials and lithic artifacts.
Geopark Araripe develops innovative projects with social character, looking for it support and participation of public and private entities, NGOs and society as a whole. The wakening of curiosity, longing for participation and conscience, for the greatness of natural and cultural richness which surrounds us, arises as the main goal of theses projects.