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Valsesia and Val Grande Geopark

The territory of the Sesia Valgrande Geopark contains an extraordinary variety of rocks and landforms that result from different geological processes: the whole area still shows the effects of the many events that have transformed hundreds of millions of years.

The importance of the geology of the Sesia Valgrande Geopark is linked to the ability to recognize different building processes: those which have first ancient mountain ranges that have disappeared, and then, those responsible for the genesis of the Alps, the product of the clash between the African continent and Europe . These are phenomena that have brought to light very deep rocks of the Earth's crust and mantle, now visible in one of the most spectacular geological sections in the world. In sequence, they observed different types of rocks, from the deeper (plutonic and metamorphic rocks) to the more superficial (volcanic and sedimentary rocks). While involved in the collision between the continents, these rocks have retained distinctive features, related to previous geological events. Therefore, they constitute a model for the interpretation of the scientific data on the continental crust.

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