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Sanqingshan Global Geopark

The Sanqingshan Global Geopark is a mountain massif in Jiangxi Province in the southeast of China. It is distinguished by abundant geological outcrops and distinctive granite-dominated landforms referred to as the “Sanqingshan Type” granite peak forest landform. The natural landscape, the scientific significance of the area's billion-year history, and its outstanding natural beauty gained worldwide recognition when the site was inscribed on the World Heritage list in 2008. Sanqingshan displays a unique blend of granite geology, landscape and wildlife. The Geopark, provides a cultural history spanning 1,600 years, is an outstanding example of harmonious co-existence of nature and people, influenced by the traditional Taoist culture. The poets rated it as “home of the clouds, a gallery of pine trees and fantastic rocks”. Sanqingshan has inspired many painters, photographers, sculptures and is considered to be the cradle of Gan Opera and Folk Barn Lantern Performance.

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