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Apuane Geopark

The Apuan Alps are a complex orography of great scenic charm, the grandeur of the main chain and the enormous energy of the relief, which is accompanied by a harsh morphology and bare ridges, towers and walls carbonate, with deep valleys and otherwise extraordinarily rich in water. The physical landscape of the central ridge, so hard and sharp contrasts sharply with the soft and wavy ridges near the northern Apennines.
The Apuan Alps are part of their good reputation to its beautiful marble and deep abysses and the great cavities of the karst underground. The geographical position of the Apuan Alps, their development in altitude, exposure, and the different nature of the rocks have given rise to the varied and contrasting environments, where it brings out the animal and plant populations. The whole area is characterized by high biodiversity, as a result of complex biological evolution, which has had the opportunity to express themselves in a context of considerable geo-diversity, which produced a geological history considerably diversified. Habitats and plant and animal species of Community interest here are allowed to define a wide and ten SCI SPA directly related to the physical landscape and the geological substrate, with ridges, cliffs, slopes and ghaioni - carbonate or silicate - lithosols and limestone pavement.
A Regional Park protects its territory, preserve the environmental heritage and enhances every aspect.