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Yuntaishan Global Geopark

The Mount Yuntaishan Global Geopark of China is located north of Jiaozuo City, in the southern foothills of Taihangshan Mountains. With a total area of approximately 556 km2, the Geopark is characterized by its rifting tectonics, and spectacular landscapes formed by hydrodynamic processes, in combination with its natural ecologic and cultural relic scenery.

The Geopark consists of a series of geological relics that have their unique scientific significance and aesthetic values as the record of the local geological history. Under the grand control of a rifting system, the Yuntai Landform represents the typical geological heritage of the neotectonic movement taking place some 23 million years ago. On the stable North China Continental Nucleus, a sequence of continental sedimentary rocks is developed as the record of epicontinental sedimentation from Middle Proterozoic the Paleozoic Era. The unique topographic landforms of the Mount Yuntaishan Geopark have combined the grand panorama of the north and the exquisite beauty of the south. The Geopark also serves as a natural reserve for the most northern distribution of macaque monkeys in mainland China.