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Taining Geopark

Taining World Geopark is located in Taining County northwest of Fujian Province, covering an area of 492.5 square kilometre. It is to the southwest of Shaowu, a northwest Fujian town of military importance. 
The geopark has an essential geological content called Danxia Landform, and also been characterized by granite mountains, dense forest, winding rivers, falls, Jinhu Lake islets, historic culture and the Red Army HQ.  
There are five scenic areas in Taining World Geopark, including Shangqingxi Scenic Area, Taining Ancient City Scenic Area, Golden Lake Scenic Area, Longwang Rock-Baxian Cliff Scenic Area and Jinrao Mountain Scenic Area.  
The landscape of Taining World Geopark is mainly Danxia landform and there are also granite landform landscape and human landscape.
Taining has long history and bright culture. It's honored as "Ancient Town of Han and Tang Dynasties, Famous City of Song Dynasty". It has the largest area of Danxia landform in Fujian Province. In Taining county , there is the nation diy cultural relic preservation organ Shangshu architectural complex which is the most completest people.