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Mount Taishan Geopark

The Mount Taishan Global Geopark, covered an area of 158.63 km2, is located in the central-west of Shandong Province. The geopark is composed of eight geoheritage scenic areas.
The Mount Taishan Global Geopark is famed by its long geological history, complex geological structure and typical geoheritage sites, which are attended by many geologists from both domestic and abroad. The numerous and typical Precambrian geoheritage sites in the geopark lead it to become a classic area for studying the Early Precambrian geology. The Cambrian System is completely developed, which provides major evidence for regional and international Cambrian correlation. The Neotectonic Movement has played a decisive role in the geomorphic formation and shaping the natural landscapes in the geopark.
Mount Taishan has a long cultural history of over 5,000 years, with numerous cultural relics, so it is called as the spiritual homestead of Chinese Nation. Mount Taishan was approved as the first mixed world cultural and natural heritage site in 1987 and a global geopark in 2006 by UNESCO. The spirit of Mount Taishan is noble and the culture is splendid. The geopark integrates the cultural history with the nature landscapes, completely preserves a natural and cultural scroll starting from the Archean to contemporary civilization. So the Mount Taishan Global Geopark has high scientific and cultural values.