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Rokua Geopark

Rokua National Park provides a fantastic setting for hiking. The park’s marked hiking routes pass through age-old forests and beside small, crystal-clear lakes. There are also campfire sites, and possibility for tenting at Pitkäjärvi.

Rokua National Park was founded in 1956 for protecting Rokua’s untouched lichen heaths and unique geological features. Rokua is one of the old national parks in Finland, of which the first ones were founded in 1938 and the next ones in 1956.

The park is located in the southern boundary of an esker formation, consisting of dunes, kettleholes and mires, small crystal-clear lakes, and ancient shore plateaus and banks. There are also old, rare, natural pine forests, which include many snags and huge old trees. Rokua National Park is Finland’s most important forest heath protection area.

Rokua Geopark is located in Northern Finland at latitude 64 degrees north, around 200 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. Close to the Geopark area are situated two of Northern Finland’s significant urban centres, Oulu and Kajaani.

Rokua Geopark a geological corridor that follows the Rokua esker field and runs in a northwest-southeast direction from Muhos to the island of Manamansalo located in Lake Oulujärvi. The northern border of the area is the River Oulujoki, while in the south the area is bounded by the Rokua esker formation and related sites. The length of the area from northwest to southeast is 83 km and at its widest the area is 33 km wide, with the average width being around 10 km.

Finnish heritage of the ice age, Rokua Geopark, is a unique combination of geology, nature and culture on the Northern hemisphere not far away from the Arctic Circle. The characteristic features of the area are the landforms shaped by the Ice Age: glacial ridges, pine and lichen-clad heaths, kettle holes and small ponds filled with crystal clear water. In addition to the incomparable environment, the area tells the story of a prehistoric settlement of the human being and of the ever since flourishing culture.

In the European Geoparks Network Rokua opens a new northern dimension and an interesting geology starting from 2,6 billion years ago. Area’s special arctic character, long winter and Finnish traditions make it interesting for diverse visitors to experience. During the winter months, in the middle of a snowy landscape and frozen lakes, you are able to get a touch of a way of life and scenery of the ice age.