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Tuscan Mining Geopark

The Tuscan Mining Geopark recently joined the European Network of Geoparks receiving the recognition by UNESCO

The present geological features of the Park area are the result of the long and complex geological evolution of southern Tuscany mainly focused on the formation of the Apennine chain. The Apennine orogenesis caused in southern Tuscany the translation and overlapping, from SW to NE, of tectonic units from different sedimentation and paleogeographical areas: Ligurian domain, Subligurian domain, Tuscan domain. The Ligurian domain was an oceanic basin formed by ultrafemic and femic magmatic rocks (ophiolites) covered by a sedimentary succession deposited in a deep marine environment. The Subligurian and Tuscany domains were epicontinental settings constituted by a metamorphic basement underlying a sedimentary coverage.

This territory embraces the area of the Colline Metallifere, one of most important ore districts of Italy. In this area, there are several sulphide orebodies that for their grade and size were intensely exploited from remote to modern age for production of lead, zinc, copper, silver, iron, pyrite, alum and lignite. There is very important evidence of recent and present geothermal and hydrothermal activities. These geosites are of high naturalistic relevance.